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BIOwesome is a journey to discover how both humans and nature can be amigos.

Planet earth is a freaking awesome place to live in and is worth preserving it! Seriously, do we really think we are gonna make it to Mars?

Both humanity & nature can thrive together without compromising one another. We are not there yet (in fact, we are far from that), but with practical solutions, we can get there one day.

BIOwesome is about getting us a step closer to balance & harmony.

We are only at the beginning of the BIOwesome journey!

The Team


We are Biowesome, a small but motivated 2-girl e-shop specializing in awesome, smart, earth-friendly, everyday essential products. Based in Mexico, for the world!


Project Manager | Coffee & Festival Lover

Constanza is a lawyer in beautiful Playa del Carmen. She is the “make it happen” girl on the team and the brain behind Biowesome. She makes Biowesome function!


Creative Director | Traveler | Diver

Karla is a designer, branding pro, photographer and the creative mind, eyes and hands behind Biowesome. She makes Biowesome beautiful!

We are committed

To bring YOU cool eco-solutions for your modern life.

To help YOU become an everyday hero for mama earth.

For our goods to be 100% eco through their entire life cycle. Not there yet… but that’s where we head to!

Let’s create something extraordinary together!

Whether you are an organic store, influencer, NGO, organization, foundation or any kind of eco-business, reach out to us! We would love to hear about you and find ways to collaborate!